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“Practicing dermatologists are like the woodwind section of the orchestra—small in number … when they play they must play well.”

Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD

I would like to thank my colleagues who have supported me throughout the years: Richard Allen Johnson, MD, Stephen Gellis, MD, Marilyn Liang, MD, Jennifer Huang, MD, Elena Hawryluk, MD, Jeffrey Dover, MD, Kenneth Arndt, MD, Thomas Rohrer, MD, Robin Travers, MD, Tania Phillips, MD, Brooke Sikora, MD, Jeffrey Sobell, MD, Katrina Dy, MD, Joyce Hennessy, RN, Maria Benoit, RN, Janet Weaver, RN, Karol Timmons, RN, Lisa Fitzgerald, Maria Alfeo, Maureen Teehan, Andrea DiGiulio, Beth Hartigan, Lenore Rosen, Diane Lysak, Jenna Mazzaferro, Micaela Berger, Shannon Patti, and Laura Mateo. From the previous editions we will always be indebted to Peter Lio, MD, Howard Baden, MD, Jennifer Ryder, MD, Karen Wiss, MD, and Lisa Cohen, MD. And finally, a shout-out to the Buckingham, Browne & Nichols Parents' Association Executive Board, without whom this book would have been completed five years earlier.

Kay S. Kane

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