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"Time is change; we measure its passage by how much things alter."

Nadine Gordimer

Thirty-four years ago in 1983, the first edition of this book appeared and has been expanded pari passu with the major developments that have occurred in dermatology over the past three and a half decades. Dermatology is now one of the most sought-after medical specialties because the burden of skin disease has become enormous and the many new innovative therapies available today attract large patient populations.

The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology has been used by thousands of primary care physicians, dermatology residents, dermatologists, internists, and other health care providers principally because it facilitates dermatologic diagnosis by providing color photographs of skin lesions and, juxtaposed, a succinct summary outline of skin disorders as well as the skin signs of systemic diseases.

The eighth edition has been extensively revised, rewritten, and expanded by new material. Around 30% of the old images have been replaced by new ones and additional images have been added. There is a complete update of etiology, pathogenesis, management, and therapy. There is also an online version. For this edition, videos containing clinical material relevant to the text are available at:

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