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Thanks to the entire team at McGraw-Hill Education, from Anne Sydor, who was there when this all started, to Peter Boyle, superstar editor Karen Edmonson, and Armen Ovsepyan, who saw the project through to fruition. Also thanks to Craig Durant and Rob Fedirko at Dragonfly Media for their patience and artistry with the many figures.

Thanks to those who came early on to model what a person of the world should be, and whose faith in me, whether deserved or not, permitted me to grow and flourish. The late Rabbi Eliezer Cohen, Rabbi Moshe Englander, Ed and Susan Kodish, and many others had an immeasurable impact on my life.

A special thanks to my colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and around the world—especially those who helped me early on in my career.

Without the brilliant David Margolis, I would not be here today. He took me under his wing and gave me advice and opportunities for which I will always be grateful, and is the model of what a mentor should be.

I am deeply indebted to the great Bill James—master dermatologist, teacher, and mentor. His passion for dermatology, compassion for patients, and ethical rigor remain a model for me to this day.

Thanks to Matt Beshara, who took a second-year medical student under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of surgical instrument handling.

I will be eternally grateful to Len Dzubow—surgical maestro, brilliant innovator, and a true mensch and mentor. He is and will always be my model for the ideal dermatologic surgeon, and this book would never have been written were it not for his inspiration and support.

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