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This book could not have been completed without the contributions of many talented physicians, healthcare professionals, and photographers. We received photographs from people who live and work across the globe. Each photograph is labeled and acknowledges the photographer and contributor. Some photographs were previously published in the Photo Rounds column of the Journal of Family Practice. For these we thank Frontline Medical Communications, for generously sharing these photographs with our readers. Being the founding editor of this column in 2005 has given me the opportunity to see a great collection of clinical photographs over many years submitted by authors around the world.

There are some people who contributed so many photographs that it is appropriate to acknowledge them upfront in the book. Paul Comeau was the professional ophthalmology photographer at University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). His beautiful photographs of the external and internal eye make the ophthalmology section of this book so rich and valuable. The dermatology division at UTHSCSA contributed much of their expertise in photography, writing, and reviewing the extensive dermatology section. During the past 12 years, I was fortunate to work closely with the dermatology faculty and residents and they contributed generously to our book. Dr. Eric Kraus gave us many wonderful photographs, especially for the section on bullous diseases. He also gave us open access to the 35-mm slides collected by the Division of Dermatology. Drs. Robert Gilson and Jeff Meffert also contributed photographs to many chapters. Many dermatology residents wrote chapters and contributed photographs. Dr. Jack Resneck, Sr., from Louisiana, scanned his slides from more than 40 years of practice and gave them to Dr. E.J. Mayeaux, Jr., for use. Dr. Resneck’s vast dermatologic experiences add to our atlas.

The UTHSCSA Head and Neck Department contributed many photographs for this book. We especially thank Drs. Frank Miller, Randy Otto, and Blake Simpson for their contributions. UTHSCSA pediatrics faculty contributed to our chapters on child abuse and otitis media. We are fortunate to have Dr. Nancy Kellogg contribute her photographs and expertise in caring for abused children to the book. Dr. Dan Stulberg, a Professor of Family Medicine in New Mexico, with a passion for photography and dermatology, contributed many photographs throughout our book.

We thank our learners, many of whom coauthored chapters with us. Medical students, residents, and fellows from the Underserved Family Medicine Dermatology fellowship and junior faculty members coauthored chapters and contributed photographs with great enthusiasm to the creation of this work. It was a pleasure to mentor these young writers and experience with them the rewards of authorship.

We thank Dr. Kelly Green for reviewing and improving the ophthalmology section. She not only went over each chapter word by word, but she also made sure that our photographs were properly described and labeled. Dr. Green was a former student of mine, and I am proud to see the wonderful ophthalmologist that she has become.

Of course, we would have no book without the talented writing and editing of my coeditors, Drs. Mindy A. Smith, E.J. Mayeaux, and Heidi Chumley. They each bring years of clinical and educational experience to the writing of this work. Dr. Mayeaux contributed many of his own photographs, especially in women’s healthcare, where he is an international expert. I value their friendship along with what they contributed to this new edition.

Most of all we need to thank our patients, who generously gave their permission for their photographs to be taken and published in this book. Although some photos are not recognizable, we have many photos of the full face that are very recognizable and were generously given to us by our patients with full written permission to be published as is. For photographs that were taken decades ago in which written consents were no longer available, we have used bars across the eyes to make the photos less recognizable—verbal consent was always obtained for these images.

The last section of this book is dedicated to understanding substance abuse (chemical dependency) and its treatment. This could not have been done without the generous contributions of the dedicated staff and the women residents at Alpha Home, a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment program in San Antonio. The medical students and faculty (including Dr. Usatine every Monday evening) from University of Texas Health, San Antonio, spend two to three evenings a week providing free healthcare to these women who are bravely facing their addictions and fighting to stay sober one day at a time. Their pictures taken at the Usatine Wellness Center have been generously added to our book with their permission.

I (Richard Usatine) thank my family for giving me the support to see this book through. It has taken much time from my family life, and my family has supported me through the long nights and weekends it takes to write and edit a book while continuing to practice and teach medicine. I am fortunate to have a loving wife, two wonderful children, and one very cute grandson who add meaning to my life and allowed me to work hard on the creation of this new work.

Dr. Mindy Smith adds, “I thank my partner, Ted, and daughter, Jenny, for their support and willingness to listen and advise when I struggle with phrasing and wording in my writing and editing. I also thank my brother, Fred, who does the lion’s share of looking after our beloved parents, now in their 90s, so that I can continue to do my work in the place that I love. And last to the friends who sustain me—Diane, Matt, Virginia, Leslie S, Jim, Marg, and Sally.”

Dr. E.J. Mayeaux adds, “I would like to think my co-editors for the camaraderie and teamwork. I would like to especially thank Dr. Richard Usatine for his vision and leadership in creating the Color Atlas family of books. Thanks for inviting us all along for the ride.”

Dr. Heidi Chumley adds, “I would like to thank my husband and co-author, Dr. John Delzell, and my children for their incredible support during a very challenging time. I would also like to thank my American University of the Caribbean family for the privilege to lead such an amazing university.”

Finally, we all thank James Shanahan, Harriet Lebowitz, and Amanda Fielding from McGraw-Hill.

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