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Cutaneous resurfacing encompasses the use of varied technologies to smooth, tighten, even, or otherwise restore epidermal and dermal appearance. Changes resulting from extrinsic aging, including ultraviolet light photodamage and other environmental insults, from chronologic aging, and/or scars resulting from surgery, acne, or other causes of inflammation or trauma may each be treated and significantly reduced or resolved with the appropriate application of laser and/or radiofrequency technology. Given the prevalence of epidermal and dermal abnormalities in the population, demand for effective and safe resurfacing procedures is high. Fortunately, significant advances in the arena of laser and radiofrequency technology have provided effective and diverse options for cutaneous resurfacing (Table 5-1).

Table 5–1Devices for Cutaneous Resurfacinga


Patient Selection

Resurfacing using laser treatment may be performed cautiously in a variety of skin phototypes. Risks of resurfacing include potential hyperpigmentation and ...

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