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This book is dedicated to our friends and mentors in dermatologic surgery. I thank David Leffell for providing me with an outstanding residency education in dermatologic surgery and Leonard Dzubow for teaching me his artful understanding of tissue motion. The core of this text reflects his insight into the complexities of biomechanics in facial reconstruction. I thank Joel and Jonathan Cook for inspiring me with their beautiful reconstructions and for sharing their expertise and criticism throughout my career. Jonathan has provided several of the figures for this text. I am grateful to my residents and fellows, with whom it is so much easier and more enjoyable to operate. To Todd Holmes I owe special thanks. He was my second fellow, and he is now my outstanding associate. His contributions to this book are artful. My last fellow, Christopher Yelverton spent hundreds of hours carefully editing and providing voiceovers for the DVD. Videography was ably provided by my medical assistant, Leah Fox. My first technician, Elizabeth Robson spent a dozen years cutting many thousands of histology sections, arranging my schedule, and assisting me in surgery as I learned my craft. Lastly I am indebted to the many inspired surgeons who created the path for us to follow. Every time I think that I have done something new, I find that someone else has been there before. Our goal in writing this text was to analyze the accomplishments of the many who came before us, and to distill their successes and failures into a guide for aesthetic and functional reconstruction.

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