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This book is dedicated to the three men in my life:

Roger Alexander Baumann Thank you for encouraging me and being there to help me with all the technology and business aspects of my life. Your never-ending support has kept me sane over the years. Most of all, my thanks for dragging me out of the mud when times were tough like a good cutting horse does! You are an ideal husband, father, and friend. Here’s to another 20 years together!

Robert Edward Baumann I am so proud of what a good person you are growing up to be. You are kind, have a great sense of humor, and have a love for others that is truly refreshing. You have many talents, one of which is making me feel very special and proud to have you as a son. Keep up the good work!

Maximilian Carl Baumann When this book comes out, you will be 7 years old. It is hard to believe that you are growing up so fast; however, you will always be my baby. I am very proud of what a great student and person you are. I am so happy to have someone in the family who is so much like me and loves to read as much as I do. Never stop snuggling!

Roger, Robert and Max, You all brighten my life, remind me of what is important, and make it all worthwhile. Thank you for loving me!

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