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I want to dedicate this book to those people who have decided to use it as a tool to improve their diagnostic skills. I say to you "Always try to be as good as you can be."

For Professor Wilhelm Stolz, a pioneer in the field of dermoscopy and a loyal friend and colleague of more than twenty years. The second edition would not have been possible without his contribution of great cases.

I owe infinite gratitude to my wife Irma. My life's best friend. For your continuous sage advice, encouragement, and support. "Te amo."


Dr. Robert H. Johr


First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my wife, Karola, who has lovingly shared my many dermoscopic and academic pursuits over the last three decades. For her enthusiasm and skill with the beautiful color photography, a cornerstone of our text, I thank Mrs. Ulrike Brückl. Special thanks to our nurses, Mss. Carolin Mertens and Antje Angilotti, whose consistent passion and professionalism contributed greatly to our text. To the many physicians who supported me in my dermoscopy clinic and in the case preparations, most especially Drs. Brigitte Coras, Stefanie Guther, Anette Michael, Katrin Ramrath, Alexandra Tillmann, and Ulrike Weigert, I wish to extend my sincerest thanks. Finally, special thanks go to Mrs. Agnes Kaldewei, my long-time clinical and scientific assistant. Without her continuous and ever pleasant support, this text would not have been possible.


Dr. Wilhelm Stolz

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