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McGraw-Hill Education Specialty Board Review Dermatology: A Pictorial Review is now in its third edition.

The ever-changing field of dermatology demands constant updating of information. To address this need, the third edition presents many new images as well as a new chapter on confocal microscopy. The goal of this edition is similar to that of the previous two editions of the book. Not only is the book an excellent tool for dermatology-related questions on board exams to prepare residents in dermatology, primary care, and other clinical specialties, it will also help practicing dermatologists and other clinicians with their recertification exams.

As an invaluable resource in the clinical setting, the revised and updated new edition of this practical guide provides comprehensive, yet concise, coverage of the diagnosis and management of common dermatologic disorders as well as some less common but important dermatologic conditions. Each chapter is organized in a readable and helpful format. Principles of diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and considerations for therapy are discussed in clinically related chapters.

There are chapters dedicated to cosmetic and surgical procedures with helpful insights. As a result, the book will be useful to more procedure-focused physicians as well. The questions and answers at the end of each chapter were also updated with new questions in order to make the learning process more interactive. It is hoped that the reader will gain from this edition as much as the editor did in preparing it.

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