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Which of the following is in the Rutaceae family of plants?

A. Cow parsley

B. Fennel

C. Parsnip

D. Mokihana

E. Celery

D. The most common plant families to cause phytophotodermatitis are Umbelliferae (most common), Rutaceae, and Moraceae. The Umbelliferae family includes cow parsley, parsley, celery, carrot, fennel, cow parsnip, hogweed, and parsnip. The Rutaceae family includes lime, lemon, grapefruit, mokihana (Hawaiian leis), and rue. The Moraceae family includes fig.

The following plant is a member of the Compositae family?

A. Poison ivy

B. Mango

C. Artichoke

D. Indian marking nut

E. Brazilian pepper tree

B. The Asteraceae family of plants is significant plant sources of allergic contact dermatitis. The members of this family include Ragweed, chrysanthemum, feverfew and carrot weed, daisy, sunflower, dandelion, artichoke, lettuce, and endives. The other choices are all members of the Toxicodendron (urushiol) family.

Which of the following is the most sensitizing fragrance in Fragrance Mix II?

A. lyral

B. Cinnamic alcohol

C. Eugenol

D. Geraniol

E. Hydroxycitronellal

A. Fragrance Mix I is a screening mix for fragrance allergy. It contains 8 allergen constituents: α-amylcinnamic alcohol, cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic aldehyde, eugenol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, isoeugenol, and oak moss absolute. Fragrance Mix II is also a screening mix for fragrance allergy. It contains hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde (Lyral), Citral, farnesol, citronellol, hexyl cinnamal, and coumarin. Lyral is the most common sensitizer in the mix.

Which of the following is a screening agent for hydrocortisone allergy?

A. Tixocortol pivalate

B. Budesonide

C. Clobetasol proprionate

D. Hydrocortisone butyrate

E. Desoximetasone

A. Corticosteroids are organized into 5 groups according to chemical structure. Group A consists of hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone acetate, prednisone, and methylprednisolone. Tixocortol pivalate and hydrocortisone are the screening agent for group A allergy. Group B includes triamcinolone, fluocinolone acetonide, desonide, and budesonide. The screening agents for this group are budesonide and triamcinolone. Group C steroids include desoximethasone ...

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