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What type of virus is implicated in Merkel Cell Carcinoma?

A. Polyomavirus

B. Picornavirus

C. Adenovirus

D. Herpesvirus

A. DNA sequences of polyomavirus (Merkel cell polyomavirus, MCV, or MCPyV) have been detected in 80% of MCC but only 16% of healthy skin. The frequent finding of clonal integration of viral DNA within the MCC genome suggests that viral infection may play a fundament role in pathogenesis of the cancer.

Which mutation is associated with development of melanoma in intermittently sun-exposed skin?





B. BRAF mutations are more common in intermittently UV-exposed skin, whereas KIT mutations are more frequently found in chronically sun-exposed skin. BRAF mutations are more commonly detected in superficial spreading melanomas and melanomas that arise on nonchronically sun-damaged skin. NRAS mutations are more common in patients with nodular melanomas and melanomas arising on chronically sun-damaged skin.

Where is the most common site on the body for BCC?

A. Nasal bridge

B. Nasal ala

C. Left temple

D. Inferior orbital ridge

B. BCC most commonly occur on the head with the most frequent site being on the face specifically the nasal tip and ala which account for 70% of cases.

What anatomic area is associated with a higher rate of BCC development?

A. Langer lines

B. Lines of Blaschko

C. Ventral, dorsal pattering lines

D. Embryonic fusion plates

D. The anatomic distribution of BCCs correlates with embryonic fusion planes. Recent data indicate that after adjusting for surface area, BCC occurrence is greater than 4 times more likely on embryonic fusion planes.

What cytogenetic abnormality can be found in MCC?

A. Gene duplication of the MYC gene

B. Loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 1

C. Deletion of short arm of chromosome 5

D. Translocation 2:13


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