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Much of the work in this textbook is derivative from chapters in the original Dermatologic Surgery manuscript. Some chapters are reproduced almost verbatim, while others are largely unrecognizable. My deep and heartfelt thanks goes out to the brilliant chapter authors from the original textbook:

From Surgical Anatomy, Surface Anatomy, and Cosmetic Subunits: Nirusha Lachman, Wojciech Pawlina, Basel Sharaf, Kevin N. Christensen; from Wound Healing and Surgical Wound Dressings: Amy Vandiver, Luis Garza; from Preoperative Evaluation, Patient Preparation, and Informed Consent: Dori Goldberg, Amanda Auerbach, James Bota, Mary E. Maloney; from Surgical Instrument Selection: Michael S. Lehrer, Ashish C. Bhatia, Aashish Taneja; from Antibiotics: Pre- and Postoperative Considerations: Allen F. Shih; from Billing and Financial Considerations in Dermatologic Surgery: Alexander Miller, Ann F. Haas; from Local Anesthesia, Regional Nerve Blocks, and Postoperative Pain Management: David T. Harvey, Emma Elizabeth Harvey; from Superficial Biopsy Techniques: Dirk M. Elston; from Cryosurgery: Carolyn Stull, Clifford Perlis; from Electrosurgery and Hemostasis: Michael Frank, Anthony V. Benedetto; from Incision and Drainage: Sirunya Silapunt, Michael R. Migden; from Approach to Dysplastic Nevi: Lauren C. Strazzulla, Caroline C. Kim; from Approach to Cysts and Lipomas: Rebbecca J. Larson, Amy J. Schutte, Sandra Lee; from Approach to Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Alex M. Glazer, Aaron S. Farberg, Darrell S. Rigel; from Flaps and Advanced Techniques: Cassandra J. Simonetta, Jennifer A. Fehlman, Ian A. Maher, Jeremy R. Etzkorn, Michael P.

Rabinowitz, Ilya Lim, Renelle Pointdujour-Lim, Thuzar M. Shin, Joseph F. Sobanko, Christopher J. Miller, Luke Nicholas, James Bota, Mary E. Maloney, Dori Goldberg, Joy Kunishige, John A. Zitelli; from Nail Procedures: Molly Hinshaw, Katherine Garrity, Bertrand Richertl; from Managing Surgical Complications: Eileen Axibal, Ramin Fathi, Mariah Ruth Brown; from The Cosmetic Consultation: Kathryn J. Tan, Heidi A. Waldorf; from Botulinum Toxin: Douglas C. Wu; from Fillers: Amelia K. Hausauer, Derek H. Jones, Shino Bay Aguilera, Sean Brabch, Peter L. Mattei, Luis Soro, Emily Tongdee, Vince Bertucci, Mohammad Almohideb, Kucy Pon; from Chemical Peels: Min Deng, Brandon Coakley, Naomi Lawrence, Patrick K. Lee, Seemal R. Desai, Rashmi Sarkar, Pallavi Ailawadi, Kevin Prier; from Lasers for Pigmented Lesions and Tattoos: Adele Haimovic, Deborah S. Sarnoff; from Lasers for Erythema and Telangiectasias: Margaret A. Weiss, Anne M. Mahoney; from Laser Resurfacing: Marc Z. Handler, David J. Goldberg; from Laser and Light-Based Approaches to Hair Removal: Jared Jagdeo, Melissa Shive, George Hruza; from Body Contouring Devices and Noninvasive Fat Removal: Mark S. Nestor, Alexandria B. Glass Michael H. Gold; from Photodynamic Therapy for Acne, Actinic Keratoses, and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Jill S. Waibel, Ashley Rudnick; from Sclerotherapy and Management of Varicose Veins: Neil Sadick; from Approaches to Neck Rejuvenation: Hayes B. Gladstone, Shannon Humphrey; and from Approaches to Hand Rejuvenation: Isabela T. Jones, Ross C. Radusky, Sabrina G. Fabi.

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