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To MP, RT, my parents, Rahat and Rehana, and my sister, Nigar.

—Murad Alam


My sincere gratitude goes to my mother and father, to my two brothers, Vikas and Manish, and especially to my wife, Tania, for supporting me throughout my career and continuing to do so every day. I would also like to thank Dr. Robert Brodell for kindling my interest in dermatology, dermatologic surgery, education, and research. Thanks for your support and for inspiring me always to be a better person, educator, student, and physician. I thank Dr. Thomas Rohrer for inspiring me to be the best dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon that I can be, and for preparing me for the exciting adventure ahead.

I would also like to thank my colleague and partner in practice, Dr. Jeff Hsu and my amazing nurses, MAs, administrative assistant, office coordinator, PAs, NP, histology technician, research staff, and front office staff—all of whom make it possible to have a fulfilling practice as well as a research and academic career. Thank you for making every day fun and exciting!

—Ashish C. Bhatia


To my husband, Som, my children, Nalin and Nayana, my sisters, Neelam and Ronak, and my wonderful parents, Ajit and Kaumudini, who have been “the wind beneath my wings.”

—Roopal V. Kundu


To my parents, Young Ho and Seul Hi, who are my inspiration, to my sister, Suzanne, for her encouragement, and to my brothers, Bon and Glen, for their sharpening.

—Simon S. Yoo


I would like to acknowledge my mother, my wife, Shirley, my daughter, Scarlett, and my son, Henry, for their support throughout my career.

—Henry Hin-Lee Chan

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