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This book would not have been possible were it not for the vision of Anne M. Sydor, the commissioning editor, whose kind words and energy subsequently propelled the project toward completion. Satvinder Kaur and Robert Pancotti provided indispensable help by copyediting the manuscript and preparing the text and illustrations for publication. Throughout the process, the McGraw-Hill staff made our work on this book a pleasure.

We would also like to thank Jillian Havey, the Northwestern University research associate, who shepherded this book through obstacles on a day-to-day basis. Jillian communicated with contributors, reassured editors, managed files and versions, and in general vigorously prevented errors of omission or commission. We wish Jillian well as she returns to medical school and we look forward to welcoming her in the future as a valued colleague in the field of dermatology.

Thanks also to Natalie Kim, who reviewed the final version, corrected overlooked errors and ensured consistent quality in the text and images.

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