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Over the course of my academic career, I have been directly and indirectly involved in the training of hundreds of young physicians in the field of dermatology. The importance of dermatopathology to the practicing dermatologist cannot be overstated. We now have an increased understanding of which mechanisms contribute to the various clinical and histopathological findings associated with specific conditions. Practicing dermatopathologists and dermatologists must be cognizant of not only their respective differential diagnoses, but also the possible pathological mechanisms at hand and how this information may impact the diagnosis and treatment plan. In this modern era, there is a need to teach dermatopathology on a scale that encompasses the intricacies of pathogenesis in addition to clinicopathologic correlation.

Barnhill’s Dermatopathology Challenge: Self-Assessment & Review, a companion to Dr. Barnhill’s Dermatopathology, 3rd ed., is a unique and effective teaching tool that takes advantage of numerous clinical and histopathological images, combining many resources concerning dermatology and dermatopathology into one easy to use volume. Drs. Desman and Barnhill have drawn on years of experience to create a comprehensive and engaging guide to cutaneous clinicopathologic correlation with an emphasis of current concepts of pathogenesis. Each vignette is used to emphasize the prototypes of various conditions and the differential permutations of related entities, thus providing a well-rounded mechanistic approach to clinicopathologic correlation. Highlights include summary tables, quick fact guides, an index of key terms, and options for differential diagnosis surrounding each case studied.

This book will be useful to doctors at various levels of experience in that it can function both as a programmed instruction and a reference guide. Whether you are reviewing for an upcoming dermatopathology fellowship, studying for dermatology or pathology board certification, or simply referring back to an uncommon entity in clinical practice, this edition will be helpful in building perspective in pathology and treatment of cutaneous diseases.

Mark Lebwohl, MD
Professor and System Chair, Department of Dermatology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
President, American Academy of Dermatology

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