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With regard to aesthetic issues, dermatologists have an important role in guiding their patients and can offer a wide variety of treatment modalities for skin rejuvenation and restoration. Furthermore, many patients with diseases of the skin are understandably concerned about the potential long-lasting effects on their appearance. Understanding the range of options available and the potential treatment outcomes is an important component of helping these patients reach a desired outcome. Moreover, cosmetic treatments can improve a person's self-image and, by extension, quality of life. When our patients feel comfortable with their bodies, they project self-confidence that others pick up on, which may lead to social and economic benefits.

Although many treatments are available, we present below favored treatment strategies. A more comprehensive list of treatment options for specific conditions is summarized in Tables 34-1 and 34-2.

Table 34-1.Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment modalities for cosmetic disorders. On and off-label treatment options are reviewed.
Table 34-2.Surgical and devices/laser treatment modalities for cosmetic disorders.

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