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There are so many people to thank as expressed in the two previous editions. The wonderful mentors, family members, coworkers, staff, and friends who have helped me are too numerous to list here. A few noteworthy people must be thanked.

My husband Roger Baumann, who has been important in my life since 1989, has protected, guided, motivated, and put up with me for decades. I would never have achieved what I have without his support, patience, and collaboration. My biggest achievements—my two sons, Robert and Max Baumann, are dedicated to making the world a better place. They have been so flexible and supportive of me and my career. They have taught me as much as I have taught them. I am so proud of them!

My managing editor, Edmund Weisberg, has worked with me as an editor for over 20 years. We have both put a part of our heart and soul into the previous editions and this new edition, which I hope is evident to you when you read it. I would not have done this 3rd edition without the determination of Karen Edmonson at McGraw Hill to get this completed.

My executive assistant, Elizabeth Fernandez, helped me organize chapters, consents, all of the many phone and Zoom calls, and helped me protect my time to get this accomplished. She has been organizing my life for the last 9 years. My physician assistant Paula Purpera, who is an excellent writer, helped me with several chapters and participated in research trials at the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in addition to seeing patients and building a social media following @Paulasperfectpout. Paula and I share a love of literature, writing, art, and, of course, patient care. Amy Koberling, my other physician assistant who joined my practice in the last few years, has excelled at skincare as well as injectables, and has developed a large following on social media @the_skinenthusiast. The newest addition to my medical practice, dermatologist Dr. Chloe Goldman, is destined to be a star. I have been blessed with so many wonderful colleagues like Heather Woolery- Lloyd, MD, and Laura Scott, MD, that make my job a pleasure.

I sold my medical practice in 2019 and would like to thank Dr. Reuven Porges for all of his kindness and support in making the transition seamless and helping me keep my entire team content and productive. He is one of the gentlest souls that I have ever met.

Thanks to Evan Rieder and Mary Sun for helping me get this 3rd edition completed. I never thought we would be able to do it—but we did it! And lastly, thanks to all the readers who have helped keep this book one of the most popular textbooks on cosmetic dermatology since its first edition in 2002. We did this new edition for you!

Leslie S. Baumann, MD

I feel privileged to have been invited to work on this text with Dr. Baumann, one of the luminaries of the field of cosmetic dermatology. I am also indebted to Mary Sun, who has demonstrated herself to be a true dynamo and productive collaborator over the past few years. And to NYU Dermatology for seeing potential in me and taking a chance on training a psychiatrist to become a dermatologist! Finally, a special thanks to Karen Edmonson and the McGraw Hill team for their assistance in bringing this great project to fruition.

Evan A. Rieder, MD

I am deeply fortunate to have worked on this text with Drs. Baumann and Rieder, who have been so generous with their knowledge and mentorship. Thank you to Karen Edmonson for her belief in me and this project, and to Leah, Christina, and the rest of the McGraw Hill team for their excellent work. Many thanks and kudos to the brilliant authors who lent their time and expertise to this undertaking. As a medical trainee, I am grateful to the advisors and educators at Mount Sinai who have supported my extracurricular pursuits. A loving thanks to my parents Michelle and John, who made everything possible, and to my partner David—you are the best copilot I could ask for.

Mary D. Sun, MD, MSCR

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